The Famous Toga Formation


The Uniform of the Day is Bed Sheets and Underwear!

By Jeff Monette('87)

and Dale Brown('85)

I remember Sgt.Guerra coming into our company one morning before Reveille formation and ordering us all to fall out on the front road in our underwear with sheets wrapped around us Toga-style. Needless to say the commandant wasn't too impressed, so the whole company had to march 1 hour on the flagpole and that included Sgt.Guerra. "heheh".

From: Dale Brown (LWMA '85) (DALEWBROWN)
Sep-23-1999 7:28 pm

Seems like I remember the Toga formation. Was that in 1984 or 1985? That sound very familiar..

Fall Out!

Fall OUT!

CPT Guerra
Captain Ed Guerra displays
the Alumni Golf Shirt
Ed Guerra's Info Page

Compiled from the Massage Board by Brian V. Brunner('64)

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