I Smell Something Burning!


Studies in Aerodynamics at LWMA

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Randy E. Beeken ('83)
Sam Morrow('83)
Bucky Heard ('83)

From: Randy E. Beeken ('83)
Jan-16-2000 8:20 pm

For those who attended a class taught in the basement , by Col Hovey. I remember a day, Col Hovey was upstairs doing what he did best, overseeing a paddling. We, the class members had decided that paper airplanes were cool. Then someone, who will remain nameless "Sam Morrow", decided that adding flames to this paper airplane experiment, would add excitement. About that time, Col Hovey popped around the corner, down the stairs, and uttered "I smell something burning, do I have any confessions". The best i remember there weren't any... :) Just thought I would share this memory. This was a great find, this discussion board. even though you all were kind of hard on me. Nevertheless, I'm good hearted and will post more as time permits.

From: Sam Morrow ('83)
Jan-17-2000 2:28 am
To: Randy E. Beeken ('83)

I didn't do anything!

: )

Good to see you on board here. Umm, since we are having Narc-o-Thon 2000, I will accept ALL of the blame, and forever refuse to name my accomplices. Yes, it was I who supplied ignition, but I remind my right honorable friend that the manufacture and the test flight of said aircraft were carried by separate (and equally responsible) contractors, who should in turn also be held accountable.

Also, you seem to have forgotten the most important part of the story. The worst part was that we were originally not going to have a chemistry midterm...none of us had studied...he marched back up those stairs and ran off a midterm to make the Combs and Bades among us shudder. Let's see...you have 50 chemical formulas to balance, on paper, no calculator...you have about 40 minutes to do it too...

Later Mr Beeken...Hope to be hearing from you again : )

From: Bucky Heard ('83)
Jan-25-2000 4:47 pm
To: Randy E. Beeken ('83)


I can't let Sam go down in flames (pardon the pun) alone.....IT WAS I WHO MADE THE PLANE!!
Wow! You can't imagine my relief of guilt! Ha! I will however say that the cadet in charge of the actual projection of the aircraft will remain a mystery until he/she decides to come forth!! Also, Randy..we were a little hard on you and like Vandy (Thomas G. Vanderford '83), I too am sorry if I offended you....we had some great times (except being in Jodi Highfield's (Jody C. Highfield '79) platoon that first few months....UUUUUHGGGG!). I am glad that we know you are alive and well! Take care of yourself!


Complied from the Message Board by Brian V. Brunner('64)

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