How Capt. Bill Lish and Capt. John Strunk

Became Members of the Faculty at LWMA

Story By John Strunk, LWMA Faculty, 1967 - 1974

From: John Strunk (JOHNSTRUNK)
Date 3/10/2000 7:56 am
To: Henry Artime ('78) (HARTIME)

Hey, Dr. Artime!


As for Bill Lish, I will do my best to persuade him to attend the reunion. In fact, I will telephone him tomorrow and discuss the reunion with him. Like you I am very fond of Capt. Lish; he was a colleague and is still a very good friend to me.

He and I lived across the hall from each other in the dormitory at Middle Tennessee State University. When Col. Ramsey came to the campus to interview prospective teachers, both Bill Lish and I submitted an application and went for an interview with him with neither of us knowing about the other's application to LWMA. That night in the dorm Lish told me that he had had an interview and had been offered a position at a military school in Alabama, and I told him that so had I. When I asked the name of his school and he told me Lyman Ward, I couldn't believe it. Neither could he when I told him that I had been offered a position there too. He and I drove down for our first visit to LWMA together and shared the bachelors' quarters on campus (at the sandbox) for several years. Through the years we have kept in contact with each other as I have with most of the other faculty members with whom I taught.

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