The First Military School Class at LWMA

The Class of 1956

Story By

Robert Means('56)
Cebu City, Philippines

I would be more than glad to help on the history of the school. I have an excellent memory for things that happened between June 1954 and June 1956.

Yes, most certainly 1956 was the first military class. In 1955 the school was a so called Industrial School. Most of the students came from the Reform School in Birmingham and from broken homes. Most of the boys were delinquents and almost all were from poor families. The state paid their tuition.

No one even thought about a military school until we showed up for classes in September of 1955. Buck Hall was the Captain and Larry Wilson, Shelby Caffee, Richard Todd and Buddy Williams were officers.

I was the only member of the senior class who was not an officer. I was a buck private. Seems I was always got into trouble with Major Eli Howell (LWMA president) for running a campus loan company and other things. Dating his daughter did not help either!

I loved my days at LWMA although it was small then with only 67 students in all 12 grades. Mr. Jackson was our first Principal and Mr. Jones ran the farm. Ms. Libby ran the dining room and Colonel Buckland was the commandant.

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