J. Brackin Kirkland(Date unknown)

Mr. Joseph Brackin Kirkland
In his office in Tallapoosa Hall

J. Brackin Kirkland (S.I.I. Class of 1912)*


LWMA is built on a tradition of outstanding leaders. These leaders were and are an important part of the school's heritage.

Mr. Kirkland was born in Ellisville, Miss. He worked his way through The Southern Industrial Institute (now LWMA), graduating in 1912, and Cornell University, lthaca, N.Y., earning a B.S. 1918 and M.S. 1926. He taught for a time at Cornell and later was Executive Director at the George Junior Republic in Freeville, N.Y. In 1931, he became connected with the Boys Clubs of America, serving as Associate Director and Chief Fiscal Officer. In that capacity, he was closely connected with former President Herbert Hoover and other outstanding leaders throughout the country.

In 1941, he returned to his native Southland as Associate Principal of the Southern (Industrial Institute) and the following June, upon Dr. Lyman Ward's retirement, was named President by the Board of Trustees. A resourceful and energetic man, Mr. Kirkland set out to enhance and enlarge the work-study program begun by Dr. Ward. The school prospered under his leadership. Among his major achievements were a new dormitory - Friendly Hall, later renamed Kirkland Hall, football stadium - now the Parade Field, and the barn, much needed and used at that time. He also established the alumni "Committee of 100". Mr. Kirkland and his wife, Eleanor, travelled extensively raising money for the school, an endeavor in which he was very successful.

Mr. Kirkland retired in 1949 and returned to his native Mississippi. He and Mrs. Kirkland resided at Holly-Pine Farm, Moselle, near his birthplace. Although retired, he "adopted" the University of Southern Mississippi and served as a member of the board of directors of the USM Foundation.

To commemorate LWMA's 75th Anniversary in May, 1973, Mr. Kirkland was asked to return and deliver the Commencement Address. He graciously accepted and he and Mrs. Kirkland were honored guests at the Senior Tea following Commencement Exercises.

Mr. Kirkland died suddenly on February 25, 1974 while working on his farm at Moselle, Miss. He was 81.

*From the "Sentinel"
Dated - October 1984 -
The L. W. M. A. School Newspaper
Lyman Ward Military Academy
Camp Hill, Alabama

*Photograph from -
"Their Country's Pride"
The Centennial History of L. W. M. A.
by Jerri Beck
Page 91
Copyright 1997 - LWMA Board of Trustees
Camp Hill, Alabama

Biographical / Historical Sketches of the Kirkland Brothers:**

J. Brackin Kirkland, S.I.I. Class of 1912

J. Brackin Kirkland (1892-1974) grew up on a farm in Jones County, Mississippi, graduated from the New York State College of Agriculture at Cornell University, and pursued a career in education and youth work in New York and Alabama for thirty years before retiring to Mississippi in 1950. During the course of his professional career he was associated with three institutions: George Junior Republic in Freeville, N.Y., Boys Clubs of America, Inc., in New York City, and (the) Southern Industrial Institute in Camp Hill, Alabama. He served approximately a decade with each in various capacities, but most notably as executive director of the George Junior Republic (1920's), financial director of the Boys Club of America national office (1930's), and president of (the) Southern Industrial Institute (1940's).

After Kirkland's retirement to Mississippi, he worked as an active cattle and tree farmer in Jones County, was a member of the local Universalist Church and the Jones County Republican central committee, and served on the Board of Directors of the University of Southern Mississippi Foundation.

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Luther Clinton Kirkland, S.I.I. Class of 1913

Luther Clinton Kirkland (1894-1979) was born on November 19, 1894, on a farm in Jones County, Mississippi, the youngest of ten children born to Elijah Thomas and Samantha Ardella Tucker Kirkland. His parents were successful farmers who raised cotton, sugar cane, vegetable crops, and livestock, and rented out portions of their acreage to tenants and sharecroppers. The Kirklands were Universalists, and Clinton Kirkland received his secondary education at the Southern Industrial Institute, a school in Camp Hill, Alabama, operated by Dr. Lyman Ward, a Universalist minister from New York. On the suggestion of Dr. Ward, he followed his older brother, J. Brackin Kirkland (also a graduate of the Southern Industrial Institute), to Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He entered Cornell in 1915 and graduated with a degree in agriculture in 1921.

In 1950 the Kirklands were joined in Mississippi by Clinton's brother and his wife, J. Brackin and Eleanor George Kirkland... J. Brackin Kirkland had retired from a career in education and youth work and purchased some of Clinton's land on which to develop a farm. The brothers farmed together for about a decade until both gradually reduced their operations and sold off most of their land. Clinton Kirkland died on January 27, 1979.

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