T. A. Moore's BIG Inspection


How Do You Shoot an Azimuth*?

Story By Major Alcides Lugo, Jr. ('81) of the U. S. Army

Wednesday - June 7, 2000 11:40 AM

I spend seven years at L.W.M.A. and I do have a few stories to tell. I do remember TA Moore and the Fire Marshal night! I was also TA Moore's roommate and now during 13 1/2 years in the military so far I remember him for this:

This incident happen during our yearly inspection that we had to remember different subjects about map reading, first aid, DC, etc.

This inspection was THE biggest deal in town on a yearly basis and in my seven years there. I had the privilege to hear COL Smith say, "Out of 209 schools, Gentlemen, we are number one, Numero uno!", five or six times.

I remember that SFC Kass was one of the active duty instructors and finally during the morning of
THE BIG Inspection here walked in some LTC, a MSG, a couple of LWMA cadre, and SFC Kass.

You must keep in mind that we were kids and have been up all night for several days getting everything clean and ready for this "Dog & Pony show." The inspector walked over to me and asked, "Where are you from?" My reply was, "Sir, I am from Ponce, Puerto Rico." "Do you do much hunting in Puerto Rico?", he asked. "No, sir", I said. "What are the five colors of the map?", he then asked. "Sir they are red, green, blue, brown and yellow", I replied. He said good job and moved on to Cadet Moore.

Now, while all this is going on, in the background the "entourage" is writing things down and looking into our lockers and looking at our shoes etc, etc. As he approached TA he asked him "Where are you from?" and TA replied, "Sir, I am from Montgomery, Alabama." "Do you do much hunting there?" he asked TA. "Yes, sir a little bit", TA said. "How do you shoot an Azimuth?" was the next question. TA is not answering and everyone is looking at him, and the LTC asks him again, "How do you shoot an Azimuth?" Two or three minutes has passed and the stares at TA and I kept getting stronger and stronger. Finally, very cool and calm TA said, "Sir, very carefully, so you do not spoil the meat." The LTC looked at me and I almost bit a hole on my lip to keep from laughing out loud, MSG Kass walked out along with a couple of cadre members and you could hear them laughing outside the building! The LTC looked and TA and I and said, "You two be careful if you ever go hunting with one another." and walked out the room. TA and I fell on the floor laughing and our Tactical Officer came in and told us to shut up.

Every time I visit soldiers on the ranges or speak at a graduation or a group I use that story!
"Sir, very carefully, so you do not spoil the meat."

This is my first story out of many!

MAJ Alcides Lugo, JR
2D BDE Assistant S-3
100th DIV Owensboro, KY 42301
FAX 270-684-2796

* AZIMUTH: The angular distance measured clockwise around the observer's horizon in units of degrees; north is 0 degrees, east 90 degrees, south 180 degrees, and west 270 degrees.

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