Walter "DUDE" Pike

Coach Pounds' Surprise!

Story By Doc Sam Cawley (LWMA Medical Officer and Coach 1975 - 2000)

A note to Brian Brunner('64)


In my 25 years at LWMA I have hundreds of stories. I will think of some of my favorites and send them to you. I just found the site thanks to your e-mail. I would like to hear from any old cadets whether I had to burn their butts or not. I also might could shed some light on a few missing alumni. Thanks to Dude Pike for his remembering.

One story I remember about Dude was that he was very quiet when he first arrived at school. He impressed me from the start on the football field. One day coach Pounds was running the offense and I had the scout team defense. I had Dude playing defensive end against coach Pounds judgment. He didn't think much of Dude yet. He ran a sweep away from Dude and was hit for a loss. He screamed and yelled at some one missing his block. I told him, "Coach, Dude ran it down from behind.". Well, coach Pounds and I got into a heated discussion. He did not believe a back side end could make the play. After our arguing I said, "Run the darn play again.". He did and Dude hit them for another loss. Coach Pounds looked at me and said, "You ass! Why didn't you tell me he could play ball!". Dude started from then on.

Good to hear from everyone.
Doc Cawley

Doc Cawley with Cadet
Doc Sam Cawley
with Cadet William J. Barber '78
(From a school catalog)

Doc Cawley
Doc Sam Cawley - May, 2000
(Before his retirement in November of 2000)

Note: Doc's e-mail address is still good in 2001.

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