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LWMA Letter Head 2003

October 21, 2003

and FRIENDS of L.W.M.A. & S.I.I.

Dear Friends:

      To the family and friends of Lyman Ward Military Academy we send this message. As with any family crisis, we must now go to our family members and friends to ask for help. As with any family member, we are confident that you will want to help. You and your immediate family continue to be an integral part of the Lyman Ward Family. Whether you graduated or not, Lyman Ward Military Academy "was there" for you and your family in your time of need. Now Lyman Ward needs you "to be there" for it. Here's what the Board of Directors of the Lyman Ward Military Academy Alumni Association and the Administration of the Academy are asking you to do immediately:

      First, please dig as deep as you can into your wallet and provide as much financial support as you can. There is no amount that will be too small. Second, talk about the value and the qualities of the Academy to anyone else that might have a need for a top-notch, military prep school and assist the school in recruiting that young man.

      Let us explain how your assisting us with these two requests will positively address the immediate needs of the school.

      The less-than-desirable condition of the national economy has not only affected the livelihoods and bank accounts of many Americans, but also the financial health and well being of Lyman Ward Military Academy. Over the past five years the Administration has had to tap into its limited "rainy day funds" to the extent that they are now depleted. In his "State of the Academy" report at a recent Alumni Board meeting, our new president of the Academy, Dr. Chester Carroll, outlined the drastic cuts in personnel, in salaries, and in services that he has been forced to make in order to bring Lyman Ward back to the fmancial stability that the school enjoyed previously. He assured us that other measures are in process.

      Our allocation of funds from the State of Alabama Education Trust Fund will be cut at least by 50% in the state budget year, which began October 1. This appropriation was put in place in 1919 because Lyman Ward then, as now, delivers accredited educational services provided by certified teachers for Alabama students. These public funds have continually helped Lyman Ward meet its obligations.

      After his report, the Alumni Board asked Dr. Carroll, "What can the Alumni Association do to help?" Obviously, we knew the answer without asking. We need to help Dr. Carroll raise funds. Not only that, we need to help him increase student enrollment. Thus, our second request. Revenues from alumni giving will not be sufficient over time. Student enrollment must increase before reserves for "rainy days" can be replenished.

      Because you are a testament to the importance of Lyman Ward in the lives of young men, we know that you will do what you can to ensure that it continues to provide its valuable service. Please ask others to help us as well. Remember that all financial contributions in support of Lyman Ward are tax- deductible. Mail your checks to Lyman Ward Military Academy, P. O. Drawer 550, Camp Hill, Alabama 36850.

      We are counting on you.


Wesley P. Smith
Chancellor Emertius - LWMA
Alumni Board of Directors,

Paul E. Tate, Jr.
Former Teacher
Alumni Executive Director

Alumni Association
Board of Directors

Wesley P. Smith '47

Col Bill Jenrette
LWMA President

Tim Parker '70

Charles Sizemore '76

Jim Nipper '61

T. A. Moore '80

Alumni Association
Officers - 2003-2004

Melanie Jarrell Arnold '81

Bill Roughton '72
Vice President

Ronnie Puryear '68

Rex McClinton '78

Alumni Association

Paul E. Tate, Jr.
Executive Director

DeLene Cawley
Executive Secretary

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