Mavis and the Beulah Cornerback

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Who Said, WHAT?


J. C. "Crack" Sizemore ('76)

July, 2000

I have a story which I think would be enjoyable for all to read. I like to call it,

"Mavis and the Beulah Cornerback".

In the fall of 1975 LWMA played a home football game against Beulah High School. We were fortunate enough to have a comfortable lead late in the ballgame. During this time period, I had the opportunity to make a block on one of Beulah's cornerbacks. Upon making the block, I ended up on top of the young fellow at which point he informed me I was the ugliest !#%&*^$@ he ever saw. I just laughed and returned to the huddle.

When the offensive series was over, I returned to the sideline and told Doc Cawley that fellow called me the ugliest !#%&*^$@ he ever saw. Doc told me that he was referring to # 72, not me.

Well, it took a while for the light to come, but when it did, I hustled down the sideline to Mike Davis (Class of 76). We affectionately referred to Mike as Mavis and it just so happened that he wore jersey # 72. I told Mavis that cornerback said he was the ugliest !#%&*^$@ he had ever seen. Mavis was chomping at the bit to get in the game, so he asked Coach Furlow to go in on the next offensive series.

Upon seeing the fire in his eyes, Coach Furlow readily agreed and called 3 successive plays to be run directly behind Mavis. Keep in mind Mavis played right guard and the cornerback in question was on the opposite side of the field. On all 3 plays, the man Mavis was to block tackled our running back for a loss in our own backfield and on all 3 plays Mavis made a beeline for that cornerback, the last play of which that cornerback turned and ran from Mavis as fast as he could.

Doc and I were almost rolling on the ground we were laughing so hard and Coach Furlow was mad as a wet hen. When Mavis returned to the sideline, Coach Furlow exclaimed "Davis, you missed your man on all 3 plays!" to which Mavis replied, "Hell no, I got him!". Doc finally stopped laughing long enough to calm Coach Furlow down and explain what went on.

Needless to say, practice that next week was a little rough on a few us. I guess it just goes to show that no task is too difficult when you've got that Ranger Pride!

J. C. "Crack" Sizemore, ' 76

Ranger Pride!
Ranger Pride!

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