My First Work Detail


George Pollard '64

Story by Frank I. Wilson ('65)

July 16, 2000
Subjcet: Punishment

About the punishment thing!

    I think it was 1961 and I was new. George Pollard was my First Sgt and he was in charge of the work detail and told several of us to search the campus for cigarette butts. He gave us each a one gallon coffee can to put them in. I thought I would impress him by filling the can. None of the others even filled it half way.

    He then took us to the third floor of Russell Hall on the fire escape and made us take one cigarette butt at a time down the fire escape to the dumpster, 200 yards behind Russell Hall, until the can was empty. Took me 4 hours and 5 days of leg cramps.

    I quit trying to impress George that day!

Russell Hall(1961)
Russell Hall(1960)

Frank I. Wilson ('65)

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