In our 20th Year!


The 10th Annual Alumni Muster
July 28, 29, 30 2017

Join fellow Alumni for a nostalgic week-end

Location: Rented Houseon Lake Martin (address to be given the week of muster to those who have pre-registered and/or paid)

THIS YEAR'S PROJECT (Saturday Morning)

Weatherproofing the Alumni Center's New Deck

Activities (Saturday Afternoon): Relaxing, Fishing, Swimming, Boating

Sleeping Arrangements: Some beds are available, but if possible, bring cot, sleeping bag or air mattress, pillows and linens for extra.

Cost: $100.00 per person - Mail chack to:
Alumni Association of SII/LWMA P.O. Box 338 Camp Hill, Alabama 36850

Or Pay through the Alumni Store by clicking here.


Order This Year's T-Shirt here.

Alum center

"Alumni Center Pictured Above"



Take a look at


Your Alumni officers for 2016


Left to Right

Webb Adams '72 - Secretary
Scottie Mangrum '87- Treasurer
Frazure Farrar '90 - President
Steve Edmons '89 - Vice President


2015 AISA Hall of Fame Inductee LTC Jeff Damron

Alabama Independent School Association Announces 2015 Hall of Fame Inductees
The Alabama Independent School Association is pleased to announce the tenth class of inductees for the AISA Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame started in 2000, and the twelve inductees will join ninety-four other individuals in the AISA Hall of Fame.
Read the Press Release HERE

Dean's Blog 05-19,2015

LWMA Class of 2015 Racks Up Scholarships

We are all proud of the LWMA Class of 2015, which to date has earned more than $500,000 in scholarship awards to two- and four-year colleges and universities. Additional scholarship monies are pending as of this writing.
Colter Sheveland, the Valedictorian and Battalion Commander, is truly a Lyman Ward product, having enrolled here as a seventh grader in 2010. He graduated with a perfect 4.0 grade point average. The Colorado Springs, CO, native was awarded a four-year United States Navy ROTC scholarship valued at $250,000. He was offered a scholarship valued at $6,000 by Marion Military Institute. Additionally, he received a Presidential Merit Scholarship to Norwich University in Vermont in the amount of $80,000. Colter will attend Norwich in the Fall, where he plans to major in biochemistry.
Read the entire Blog here



Scott McFaddens muster photos

Alumni Store

Below is an interview with Dr. Roy Berwick, President of LWMA, conducted by Cadet Tristan Sanders.

LWMA Restoration Projects

 During the Alumni Muster this year, a new idea was born and it is growing fast. In discussing ways the alumni could help the school. It was decided to start a Restoration Fund.

Contributions to the Restoration Fund are designated to be used only for projects which will benefit Lyman Ward Military Academy. All projects must first be approved by the Officers of the Alumni Association and the President of Lyman Ward Military Academy. The Restoration Project Fund will be used only for the necessary material to complete each project. Donation of materials, labor, and machinery for a project will be accepted. Each project will be completed before the next is begun. No individual alums will be paid from this fund. All work by alums is strictly volunteer. Each project will be headed by one person to be chosen by the Officers of the Alumni Association.

The first designated project is the restoration of the Outdoor Rifle Range. John Nixon '80 has been chosen to head this project. Restoration will begin when all funds necessary for the completion of the project are received. As a contributor to this project, you will be kept informed of the cost and progress. Alum Jim Duryear '79 is matching the first $1,000 received.

A tentative date to meet and complete the first project is September 14th and 15th. Foxtrot will be available for those who will need a place to stay.

All alumni are encouraged to participate in this ongoing Restoration Project Fund and if you are able, give of your time, labor, and material. Your generosity and support for Lyman Ward and the Alumni Association is greatly appreciated.

All funds will be handled through the alumni association. To make a contribution, please mail your check marked for Restoration Fund to

The Alumni Association of SII/LWMA
P. O. Box 338
Camp Hill, AL 36850

Or pay through the Alumni Store

There is a facebook page designed to discuss and keep up with the latest news on the projects. Please visit and ask to join LWMA Campus Renewal Projects.

The Alumni Association of SII / Lyman Ward Military Academy





“Special Alumni Membership Offer”
Annual Dues - $35.00 or
*Pay 3 years now - $105.00 and receive the 4th year free
*Pay 5 years now - $175.00 and receive the 6th year free
Lifetime Dues - $500.00 or
*Pay in 3 installments of $175.00
Must be paid within a 3 year period
(Member will remain an Annual Member until total amount is paid)
Alumni Store

Show your appreciation of what Lyman Ward Military Academy or SII did for you by supporting the school and helping other young men achieve their potential. Join the Alumni Association and include a gift for the school. Annual dues are only $35.00 and Lifetime membership is $500.00. Lifetime members and spouse may eat meals on campus at special events free of charge and will be admitted to any home sports event free. Other family members will be required to pay the standard rate. Annual members will be allowed to eat meals on campus free of charge during special events. Spouse and family members will be required to pay. You must show your Membership Card for these benefits. Dues may be paid by visiting our Online Store. Purchase an Annual Membership or Lifetime Membership. Gifts in any amount for the school can be made through our Online Store by choosing Miscellaneous Contributions. Please tag your contribution "For LWMA" if you are making a donation to the Academy. Membership and gifts can also be paid by mailing to P. O. Box 338 Camp Hill, AL 36850 or in person at the Alumni Center.

List of Annual members

List of Lifetime members

School Support

"I would invest my last dollar in boys such as these." - Dr. Lyman Ward

Click here for information on the ANNUAL FUND

To all alumni, Anyone who would like to help in some way with recruiting for LWMA, Click HERE for an add that can be placed in your local newspaper. If you are interested in brochures to place at key spots around your town where parents visit frequently, send me a message, email or call and I will be happy to mail you some brochures. Thank you for your interest and help to see LWMA filled to capacity and young men's lives changed for the better.


Amanda Kelly
Director of Alumni and Development
Lyman Ward Military Academy
(256) 896-2715 Office

Important Please Read!!

My name is Stuart Cooksey, and I am currently a senior at Lyman Ward. In about a month I will have the honor of joining the prestigious ranks of the LWMA Alumni Association. As a leader, I feel that I have one last objective to accomplish.

It is my duty to ensure that the morale of the Corps of Cadets remains at a high level. In my two years at Lyman Ward I have realized the profound effect this school can have to change a person for the better. LWMA has given me the tools to craft myself into a better teenager, and provide a firm foundation of principles to achieve success later in life. Instilled within me are the qualities of discipline punctuality, loyalty, and integrity, just to state a few.

I am writing this letter to ask for your assistance, I firmly believe that if, on a few days out of the year, cadets from years past came to campus and talked to present-day cadets on the subject of what you gained from Lyman Ward, and how it helped you later in life, it would encourage cadets to have a greater appreciation for the school, and a more optimistic attitude toward it. The ultimate result of these talks would lift the morale of the cadets, and instill a sense of pride in Lyman Ward.

In a world which is lacking quality men, Lyman Ward has answered the call by producing
excellent young men and citizens since 1898. Why not assist an institution that is doing such good work.

Your time is greatly appreciated. Thank you,



Stuart Cooksey

Yearbook Project

The Yearbook Project!

Would you like to be able to view and share your LWMA Class Yearbook online?

The Alumni Association of SII/LWMA, in conjunction with Andrew Erickson, LWMA's Internet wizard, is making this possible. The scan will be done by a professional company. The cost for the scan of a yearbook is $30.00. This can be paid by check mailed to The Alumni Association of SII/LWMA, P. O. Box 338, Camp Hill, AL 36850, the online Alumni Store, or cash on campus at the Alumni Center. Please indicate the year you wish to have scanned. The sponsor will also receive a DVD of the Yearbook. The years that have sponsors are 1985, 1992, 1993, and 1995. Erickson has scanned and placed 1988 on the website as an example. This year may also be sponsored to be professionally loaded, as well.


Amanda Kelly
Director of Alumni and Development
Lyman Ward Military Academy
(256) 896-2715  Office

The following Yearbooks have been sponsored and are available on-line at http://yearbooks.lwma.org/

Year Sponsor
1964 Mr. Mike Cassin '68
1965 Mr. Mike Cassin '68
1966 Mr. Mike Cassin '68
1967 Mr. Mike Cassin '68
1968 Mr. Mike Cassin '68
1985 MAJ Ed Guerra
1988 CPT Andrew Erickson
1992 COL Bill Jenrette
1993 MAJ Jeff Damron
1995 COL Bil Jenrette
1996 Mrs. Rita Guerra
1999 Mr. Jeremy Neenan'99
2000 Mr Shane Hatcher '01
2001 Mr Shane Hatcher '01

Social Networking

Social Networking for Alumni

Lyman Ward Military Academy and its Alumni Association are embarking on a social networking journey, and we invite you to join in our efforts. While your financial contributions and support of the Academy provide us with the ability to continue with our mission statement, a few Internet clicks and computer keystrokes will help us to strengthen our brand with your words of kindness and affirmation of who we are, and what we do.

We'd like to encourage you to participate in our social networking efforts by offering you a few quick and easy recommendations that take only a few minutes each week. LWMA Facebook Page: Did you know that more than half of American adults use Facebook? Connect with the 375 + supporters of the Academy by joining our Lyman Ward Military Academy Facebook page, or visit with other alumnus at our SII/Lyman Ward Military Academy Alumni Association Facebook page. This will allow you to stay informed about Academy news, events and happenings. We encourage you to engage in online discussions, by posting comments and recommendations, sharing memories and positive stories about your LWMA experiences, referring the site to others, showing support of Cadet athletic teams and activities and posting photos from day's past. Online Business Networking: Wear your ring proudly, and update your online profile to include your athletic, personal and academic accomplishments while at LWMA. From personal pages at www.facebook.com or www.myspace.com, to business networking sites like www.linkedin.com, impress your friends and business associates with your LWMA badge of honor. Blogging & Micro-Blogging: Many of you may have personal blogs, discussing everything from family vacations to your favorite college football team, to your infamous rib rub recipe. Take some time and write about your positive experiences while at LWMA and thank those faculty members and administrators who helped shape your life. Have a twitter account at www.twitter.com? "Tweet" a positive remark about LWMA, or simply refer potential parents/students to the web site at www.lwma.org. Photos & Videos: We certainly live in a visual society, and photographs and video clips are a great way to build an emotional connection with Internet users, especially folks interested in sending their sons to LWMA. Share your memories through photo and video sharing sites such as www.youtube.com , www.photobucket.com and www.flickr.com. It's easy to set-up an account, and download photos/videos. You'll also have the opportunity to "tag" photos/videos with multiple key words so search engines can find these files with ease. Consider "tagging" photos/videos with words such as "Lyman Ward Military Academy," "military boarding school," boarding school," "military school," or "boys military school." If each of you takes just a few minutes each week to assist us in our online efforts, the result will be thousands of positive stories, testimonials, memories, photos and videos on the Internet - all designed to promote a positive image of Lyman Ward Military Academy, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Help us to support and defend your alma mater. Thanks for your Support

Amanda Kelly Executive Director
The Alumni Association of SII/Lyman Ward Military Academy
(256) 896-2715


Look for your friends and fellow Alumni on Facebook! Lets get networked!!

Amanda Kelly Says .. "We have a new facebook page. Check us out and become a member. The name is the same, but the profile pic is our Eagle Crest."

Amanda Kelly - Your Executive Director

Alumnus Of The Year

2011 Alumnus of the Year Award


The 2011 recipient of the prestigious Alumnus of the Year award is Nick Myers ’80 of Windsor, Colorado.  Due to a prior commitment in Colorado, Nick was unable to receive the award in person on Homecoming Day.  Erik Myers of Marietta, Georgia, Nick’s son, accepted the award for his father.  The award was presented by Matt Rhea ’88, Secretary of the Alumni Association, during the Military Parade. 




Well Deserved for our most dedicated Alumni!!!


Supply Items are available in the store

Miscellaneous Donations are now accepted at the store. Click here for more information.

Look in the store for Nick Myers Books
The Ghost Ranger Series!
All proceeds go to the Alumni Association

Go to the store Now!

For Your Notebook:

Remember your Membership Dues,  
Gifts to the Scholarship Funds,


In 1997, I was a Sysop for the Radio and Electronics forum on the Genie forums. They were switching from text to web based service and we were all learning web page design and creating our web forums. They provided us with a whopping 10 megabytes of web space. (which at the time was generous.)

What to do with it I thought to myself. I could think of nothing other than creating a page for Lyman Ward. I proceeded and the first page i created you can see at http://www.lwalumni.org/lwma.html. I sent that page to Brian Brunner and we commenced to continue to expand the site. I created the main home page, added history, and Brian commenced to creat the "Stories" section. At that time, school officials looked at it only as a novelty.

The URL was strange as it had to contain my personal web site name. "www.people.delphi.com/phillp/lwma.html".

In september of 2000 I registered the domain lwalumni.org and obtained a host. The new URL of www.lwalumni.org was created and has continued of course since.

There are now hundreds of pages of History, news, stories and a message board which turned out to be a great place for conversations and collaboration during"The Dark Days". Most all conversation has now gone to facebook which is entirely understandable.

15 years is a long time. There have been many iterations of all of the pages during that time and it continues. I have essentially been in contact with the school via the site for 15 years nearly every day.

Visit when you can, post on the message board if you like. It is convieniently private. If you desire to sign up, please send me a note via the comments section here. I had to make it completely private because of odd sign-ups from foreign hackers. They could see nothing, but it was a nuisance as i would get 10 to 20 a day.

Enjoy and comment,

Phil Potts '63

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